Camel, Goat, Goose Meat

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In Egypt, you can see camels, goose and goats raised further afield.
Camel, Goose & Goat meat have low intramuscular fat, low cholesterol content, and high iron and omega 3 content and often used as a substitute for meat in Egyptian cuisine.
Camel meat is very similar to grass-fed beef. Its rich flavor comes without much fat; it can be compared to a softer-tasting beef. Cooking camel meat is as easy as cooking beef.
Just keep in mind that because camel meat is leaner, you need to be careful not to overcook it.
The domestic goose originated in ancient Egypt, China, and India and was used as one of the main protein sources in ancient Egypt cuisine.
Goat meat has a strong, gamey flavor, sweeter than lamb but less sweet than beef. As you will see in this book, cooking it with lots of flavor and spices helps complement its unique flavor. It can be prepared in a variety of ways, such as being stewed, baked, grilled or fried.
This book will teach you how to go out of the norm and cook with different kinds of proteins delicious dishes.
Chef Yasser El Masry is a hardworking, passionate, resilient, and reliable Executive Sous Chef with a deep desire for a challenge. He enjoys doing new things, mastering them, and then moving on to something new or better. He has been passionate about cooking since he was a child, enhancing his knowledge about food through earning his BA from the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality, and later on enhancing his passion for culinary creations, he earned a Master’s Degree in customer’s feelings about Egyptian cuisine in the hospitality industry. He has won over 14 gold and silver medals in global competitions. He trained the Egypt national team for the World Black Box competition for two-years running winning Gold and Silver medals in Australia.  


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