Momen ahmed

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  • screechy from the past

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    Time is like a pane of glass when it breaks in two You can fix it, but it will never be the same again." After World War III, the scientist William presented to the government a project to build a time machine so that they could see ancient civilizations, save books, and antiquities, most of which were destroyed due to the legacy of wars, but the government rejected that project, so William created a secret organization to build a time machine, and in 3031 it was completed From building a time machine that was a quantum computer linked to a number of hand clocks that scientists use to travel through time, one day a distress message came to William with the content “Save me, the time clock has run out of energy.” William could not know the identity of the sender, but he was able to determine where the message was sent from, and then he sent Adam to save him, but when Adam reached the desired place, he received a strong blow from behind that led to him losing consciousness, and when he woke up he found himself in a cold, foul-smelling cell. Full of mice and biting insects, will Adam be able to go back to his time with the man who sent that distress or not?!

  • Azukhin - a short story

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    I am Hatem Sabry Salama, a prominent psychiatrist. In addition, I work as a supernatural investigator. I roam the earth, helping people who need my help. I get rid of evil wherever it is...I kill monsters you never want to know about, so you can sleep at night. I Dr.. (Hatem Sabry), and here is one of my stories.

  • Novel Let's Get Started Killing

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    Life passes in the blink of an eye, and you are surprised that you have become thirty-five years old and have not achieved any of your dreams. You are - without a doubt - as soft as a wet rag. You wish to lose memory at all costs, you wish to be able to forget the pain, you wish to return to life as if you were born again, but unfortunately this is a dream too beautiful to come true... You wish death every day, every hour, every moment; You don't find it and you don't know why you want it, perhaps because death is the fear of the happy and the lust of the unhappy.. Perhaps, but there is no doubt that you are as soft as a wet rag, you have long believed that happy days end quickly, and that nothing lasts; Friends leave, father and mother, grandfather and grandmother die, beloved betrays, and the tragedy is that we are still alive!