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  • Earth awakening

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    Back cover paragraph of the book It is a witness to the past, the present, and the future, and once it is over, we will find no other place to shelter us, if we are alive; It embraced humans and other creatures and humanity exhausted it for hundreds of years until it suffered from disasters that will end our lives. We are the weak creatures that live on it, but it will return to hibernation that lasts indefinitely, like the other planets around it..It is ( Earth) that is irreplaceable and indispensable.. So how can we fix it while we are busy with self-destruction of ourselves, we are looking for strength because survival is for the strongest, and every generation cares only about itself and how it consumes this earth as much as possible in its short life and does not care By the generation that will come after it until a generation comes that inherits nothing but the wreckage of a land that is useless and has no home in it, just a dying land; So there is a question for all of humanity: ?Why not leave some of it to the heirs